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From device manufactures and wireless carriers who have automated using AIRmobility to other Fortune 500 companies, our Android offering is one of most full-featured solutions anywhere. We support over 1500 make and model Android phones and tablets and are considered global leading experts in Android workforce automation.

Call reports/forms support:

  • True store-and-forward application, users can work confidently both in and out of coverage
  • Unlimited call reports/forms
  • Advanced conditional form logic
  • Comprehensive GPS tracking overlay (mapping online)
  • Imbedded photo capture and signature capture
  • Bar Code, QR Code, NFC supported
  • 100 field-form formatting options (drop downs, pick lists, required fields)
  • Form section support
  • Much more

Vendor Relationship Management Screen Shot Examples

Workforce comes to an easy-to-use main menu and selects the call report/form in which is required for their work/visit. User selects a store/location from a searchable list.

Store status is a selectable menu option. Depending on what is selected, a partial, full or different call report can be loaded.

Call reports can include yes/no, drop down lists, pick lists, photo capture, date fields, time fields, bar coding, NFC tag reading, link buttons to resource files (video, MS Word, PDFs,), signature, Internet URL button links and much more.

A demo of AIRmobility is available in the Google Android Play Store. Search for AIRMOBILITY from your Android device.

If you are interested in setting up an AIRmobility account to test and use your own call reports in a free trial, contact us today for more information.

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AIRmobility has collected over a Million photos that has helped to improve both our customer relationships and operational productivity.
Mike Porter
Senior Vice President of IT
Clear Channel Outdoor [NYSE: CCO]


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