"Like $30,000 in Custom Development in 10 Minutes"

AIRmobility has assisted our customers to build their own forms online and then collect and analyze over 100 Million records since 2001. We combine the ability for you to re-create any paperwork such as inspection forms, audits, call reports, time-cards, and more.

Mobile Device Support - Populate these forms to over 2000 different makes and model mobile devices or personal computers running Windows 8.1 or greater…. often in just a few minutes.

True Applications - These are not web-based forms for smartphones but true apps that store the forms you create to enable your workforce to easily work in and out of network coverage. Forms can include response types of:

Form Field Options
Alphanumeric Drop Down List Display Message NFC Web Link Button
Numeric Multiple Pick List Phone Number Photo File Access
Yes/No Large Text Box Bar Code Signature Contact Manager
Date/Time Email Address QR Code Drawing And More

"Our organization has automated our billboard management, capital expenditures, vehicle inspections, general maintenance, bus shelter maintenance and man down alerting using motion detection with full back-office integration. We continue to look for creative ways to automate and drive productivity using AIRmobility."

Dave Spivey
Senior Vice President
Clear Channel Outdoor

Reporting - Once the data is collected by your workforce and submitted back to our servers, AIRmobility offers exporting to Microsoft Excel, PDF reports, pie charts, bar graphs and other reporting options including photo-imbedded reporting.

Back Office Integration - Options include Web Services, FTP and other standard protocols to any proprietary or third party application for a separate development fee.

Alerting - AIRmobility supports an alert center to enable you to set conditions and thresholds on critical data being passed back by the workforce.

GPS Tracking - AIRmobility also supports a true location based services (GPS) overlay to track and map your workforce in near real-time.

Key Benefits:

  • Real-time access to completed forms
  • Industry leading proof of performance tools
  • Data is now electronically stored for easy access
  • Ability to generate reports and integrate collected data to back-office systems
  • Increased productivity by eliminating multiple data entry and data entry errors
  • Real-time distribution of new or updated forms
  • Alert notifications can be generated tied to specific triggers
  • Enhance collected data accuracy and detail by including photos, GPS, signature, bar codes, time/date stamp and more

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AIRmobility has collected over a Million photos that has helped to improve both our customer relationships and operational productivity.
Mike Porter
Senior Vice President of IT
Clear Channel Outdoor [NYSE: CCO]


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