Systems Talking Increases Productivity

For over 25 years, our development team has worked with virtually every commercial database system on the market. Our current processes support a wide range of databases interacting with:

Oracle PostgreSQL Access
MySQL Sybase File Maker Pro
MS SQL Server IBM DB2 More

This includes a variety of 3rd party back office products our customers use as well. Interactions with these databases include:

Web Services FTP SMTP
Remote Connection XML More

Common back office integration requests include supporting 3rd party products and creating a bridge to support job creation or job assignments. And then where those job assignments are collected and passed back to the originating system.

"Westlake currently supports a global retail deployment distributing and colleting over 50,000 training initiatives every month. This solution is tied to multiple online third party systems creating incredible efficiencies on an international level."

Sean Crowley
Vice President of Business Development

  • Integration Benefits
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved work load balancing
  • Increased cash flow due to ability to invoice customers faster
  • Elimination of lost or illegible paperwork
  • Cut administrative cost tied to double entry of data
  • Reduce errors in billable hours for both customers and employee payroll

If you have a project in which a back office integration solution would be beneficial to your organization, please Contact Us for more information.

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Mike Porter
Senior Vice President of IT
Clear Channel Outdoor [NYSE: CCO]


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