Windows 8.1 - AIRmobility VRM Screen Shot Examples

All screen captures taken from a Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Main menu is comprised of call report management, resource files management and a breaking news feed. The user interface is kept simple and clean making it easy to use; touch screen and swipe support driven. Breaking news feed supports a variety of colors and icons for tiles to make this aspect of the user experience more differentiated.

Selecting My Training (purple tile above) provides your workforce with instant and updated access to all resource files associated with their work (shown below). These can be videos, PDFs, MS Offices files, graphics, etc. These files are synchronized in real-time (Internet connectivity required) and can also be accessed as desired throughout the call reports, surveys, audits, timecards, inspection forms, etc.

Breaking news items include a title, sub-title, graphic and content. This is a powerful way to inform a global workforce with a live feed of up-to-the-minute changes happening with your products and services.

When accessing call reports, different call reports can be assigned to the same store/door depending on the purpose of the visit. Users touch screen to display the stores/doors on the left; available call reports/surveys/audits, etc. are displayed on the right.

Call reports, surveys, audits can be very short (10 questions) or extensive into the hundreds of questions depending on the need.

Photo collection is an extensive part of the AIRmobility management platform collecting and managing millions of photos each year for our customers. Photos are best used when taking a before and after photo of work performed or keeping track of changing displays, equipment, etc. over time.

Photo graphics can be used to display a visual on what something should look like in the field; documents can be added for guidance on compliance issues, etc.; all imbedded into the call reports/audit/survey, etc.

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AIRmobility has collected over a Million photos that has helped to improve both our customer relationships and operational productivity.
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