AIRmobility® is a next-generation no-code low-code mobile application platform.

We enable our customers with total control over hundreds of easy-to-use and easy to support features. Each customer produces unique creative feature-rich business applications that include data analytics, digital forms, back-office integration support, 3rd party integration and more.

Changes you make are updating to your users, members and communities in virtually real-time. We offer a suite of applications that simultaneous support cross operating-systems for Android, iOS, Windows 10 and HTML. The user experience for your employees, members or communities will be both familiar and easy to use.

“Our operations department uses AIRmobility to help maintain 40,000+ billboards we service in the United States. The ease-of-use and workflow of this platform has had an immediate positive effect on our productivity.”

Mike Porter
Senior Vice President, IT
Clear Channel Outdoor

“Distributing documents, news, messaging and push notifications to and for our 31,000+ members is easy to support and easy for our members to use. AIRmobility is doing the work of multiple people.”

Paul Edwards
UFCW 770
Southern California

Supporting over 25+ years in the field labor automation industry, our technology is used today in risk management, human relations, retail, construction, membership management, asset management , IT, community management and more across the globe (50 languages/80 countires). You can find AIRmobility being used by companies of every size. From a small Insurance company tracking sales with Doctors to Microsoft Corp globally managing 50,000+ retail locations.

  • App Studio selecting colors, design, graphic of your personalized application.
  • Convert paperwork (time cards, inspection forms, work orders, delivery orders) to digital/wireless.
  • Track your mobile workforce using GPS ( geo-fencing, time card, mileage tracking, speed tracking).
  • Synchronize documents with your labor team, members and communities.
  • Provide video links, mapping to locations, dialing, emailing, hundreds of functions.
  • Build custom link portals.
  • Full set of real-time analytics (data collected, app usage, etc.).
  • Engage via push notifications and custom breaking news feed and news ticker.
  • Analyze data being collected with PDF ready reports, exporting to MS Excel and turn-key ready dashboards with pie charts and bar graphs.
  • Implement multiple automated escalations and notifications based off of criteria based rules from data collected.
  • Back-office integration data being collection to an internal proprietary database or commercial 3rd party product ( automating job assignments to wireless handset and collected data back to the same system)

Large Organization Implementations:

  • Blue Cross sales force using AIRmobility® to track sales services to Doctors
  • MGM casino host services using AIRmobility® to make on-the-fly reservation change request forms
  • Shell Oil using AIRmobility® to track competitive gas price changes automated to their back office systems
  • T-Moblie and Sprint Managing their retail field labor teams.

Mid-Sized Business Implementations:

  • Services using AIRmobility® a wireless inspection form analyzing maintenance and cleaning at multiple large national retail management chains
  • Regional Gas Company automating OSHA compliance forms around gas and oil excavation and refinement

Small Sized Business Implementations:

  • Got Graffiti using AIRmobility® to track and manage graffiti clean-up in and around San Francisco; shares tracking photos with police department
  • City wide elevator repair company using AIRmobility® for automated job assignment, tracking maintenance and repair, fully integrated back office solution.
  • Beach Bum Properties using AIRmobility to monitor check out rental homes cleaning needs for 100 properties in South Carolina.

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