What is Your Mobile Workforce Potential?

For over 20 years, Westlake’s management has been providing independent wireless data implementation advice to its customers and is considered to be one of the most trusted and successful wireless data firms in the world.

We have assisted thousands of companies with their wireless technologies, collected, managed and sent billions of wireless messages and transactions and have worked with over one hundred Fortune 500 companies in that time.

Hewlett Packard • Texas Instruments • NEC • ATT Wireless Services • MG Grand • Sprint • Blue Cross • Shell Oil • T-Mobile • State of California • Providence Health Systems • United States Secret Service • Nortel • Hitachi • Disney • Alcatel • MCI • Clear Channel • Verizon • CNN

For our potential new customers, our main objective is to help solve complicated wireless data workforce problems. We create value by working with our customers to help them uncover/discover new ways to use mobile technology; often ways they never thought about or even knew were possible.

Finding a return on investment with a wireless automated workforce solution is not complicated; uncovering the maximum possible return on investment is complicated and is what truly separates Westlake from its competition.

"For over 9 years, Westlake has continued to help us automate our operations including ad copy changes, capital expenditure reporting, maintenance of plant work, proof of performance, time tracking, vehicle inspections, bus shelter management, news rack management, bill board management and more."

Mike Porter
Senior Vice President
Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE: CCO)

Do you want to improve productivity, decrease costs, close new sales, provide better training or a combination of all of these? Are you looking for hard cost savings, soft cost savings or both? Do you know what device, operating system, wireless carrier, automation software and security you will need in order to implement the most successful mobile deployment possible?

Once implemented, how will results be measured or tracked? Will results be measured against the defined value points and objectives you created up front before you started? How will you know the difference between success and just adding costs of more services?

Westlake is here to help. The automation of a workforce using mobile technology can quickly become complicated; but we have made it easy. Combine your issues and challenges with our 20 years of experience, our industry reputation and our no cost or obligation consulting into a solution that works.

A good wireless solution - Solves a single need in which a customer can justify the cost. This may be basic GPS tracking, a simple time card to collect data or a job assignment management system.

A great wireless solution - Comes from the analysis of both potential quantitative and qualitative aspects of automation of a given field force or workforce in light of the technologies available to that customer from experienced experts.

Contact us today. Let us help you put together a great wireless solution.

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AIRmobility has collected over a Million photos that has helped to improve both our customer relationships and operational productivity.
Mike Porter
Senior Vice President of IT
Clear Channel Outdoor [NYSE: CCO]


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